A Walk in Her Sandals Review

This is a book that combines biblical truth and teachings, devotions, life application, and fiction into one. Each chapter is divided into different sections, each meant to give you a different and unique perspective on the last week of Jesus’ life. What intrigued me the most was the fictionalized, behind the scenes, woman’s take on what was happening during Holy Week. Not to give anything away, but a possible and plausible answer to “who cooked the Passover dinner?” is in there!
A Walk in Her Sandals edited by Kelly M. Wahlquist is part of the Women in the New Evangelization effort and will be the book club read during Lent this year. It will be very interesting to read it during Lent when we are walking with Jesus to his passion, death, and resurrection. What is different about this book is two-fold; first, it is written from a woman’s perspective, for women, which is unique. It takes disparate types of writing, puts them together and makes you think about scripture. Knowing scripture is an invaluable way to know about Jesus. Second, practical ways to evangelize, to reach out to others are offered in each chapter.
One of the sections that people may find particularly helpful is the Lectio Divina section. We may have heard about this way of reading scripture, but here we are guided through the passage after we have learned about it.
This book captured my imagination in a way other books have not. I usually don’t like fictionalized stories about Jesus, but these are beautifully written and engaged me. All the parts of the book are woven together, taking us from Palm Sunday to Pentecost, teaching about Jesus, drawing us into a deeper relationship with him, and guiding us in prayer. All of this with the objective to love him more and to serve him more fully in whatever our role is in our life.
I look forward to reading A Walk in Her Sandals during Lent and I hope you will too!

More information about the book is available here.

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Sacred Reading for Advent and Christmas

Sacred Reading is a daily gospel reflection book put out by the Apostleship of Prayer and published by Ave Maria Press. This particular book is focused on Advent and Christmas for this year. There are many things I like about this book.

It encourages us to read the day’s gospel, which is so important if we want to know Jesus. It also introduces us to Lectio Divina, a prayerful way to read scripture. Each day contains prayer prompts, the gospel, and questions to ponder.

There are six steps each day: know that God is present with you and ready to converse, read the gospel, notice what you think and feel as you read the gospel, pray as you are led for yourself and others, listen to Jesus, and ask God to show you how to live today. Each section, except the gospel, has a prompt to get you started thinking about the gospel or what is happening in your life or around you that needs attention.

What I like about this book is that the questions posed are not lofty theological ones but rather, practical ones. What am I to do today? How am I to live doing God’s will? Each day you ask that question you are reminding yourself that God is in charge and that his will for your life is the best course of action.

Especially during the Advent and Christmas season when our culture is hyper-focused on doing and buying and rushing it is necessary for us to pause, ponder and recall what this season is about. This book will guide you in your daily life through the prayer and meditation to focus on the Incarnation.

I highly recommend it as a way to prepare for our Savior’s birth for everyone who wants to pray with the scriptures.


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