Write 31 Days – Gratitude Habitude

Happy October! October means it is time for Write 31 Days. I’m excited to begin this challenge of writing every day this month on the topic of gratitude! A few months back I decided that my word or really, my virtue to aspire to and have more of was joy. Sadly, focusing on joy hasn’t been working out for me. As I prayed and pondered why joy was not happening, gratitude kept coming up. I think, and not just me, that gratitude is linked to joy. And that gratitude can be cultivated so that it becomes the usual practice in life. And when you focus on gratitude, joy is a fruit of gratitude.
So, this month that is what my focus will be, building a gratitude habitude! (yes, habitude is a word, I checked)
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To start us off on our gratitude habitude today I am grateful for a wonderful catechist team at work, going to 5:30pm Mass, and coffee. What about you?
See you tomorrow!

Photo Credit goes to Steffen Trommer on Unsplash; Graphic was created at Canva.com.

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