Write 31 Days

In October a group of bloggers link up to write for 31 days on a variety of topics.  The Write 31 Days website is where you will find all the folks joining in this endeavor.  There are lots of categories so go on over and take a look once you’re done here!

This year I actually planned ahead for the month, choosing a topic a head of time, unlike last year.  My topic this year is “Letting go, Learning to Trust” in hopes that as we journey through the month we will learn that our Father is not like anyone else and he will never fail us.

I will post each day on the main page and then add all the posts so they are all in one place.  I’m looking forward to the journey and glad you are joining me.

  1.  Introduction
  2. Sunday Scripture
  3. Strength for Weakness
  4. How do we make the trade?
  5. Wednesday Wisdom
  6. 3 posts + a song
  7. 3 posts + a song
  8. 3 posts + a song
  9. Sunday Scripture
  10. A Shield
  11. The word trust
  12. Wednesday Wisdom
  13. missed a day
  14. God’s Time
  15. Saturday Song
  16. Sunday Scripture
  17. Mercy & Confession
  18. God Cares for Us
  19. Wednesday Wisdom
  20. Trust God (2 for 1)
  21. Trust God
  22. Saturday Song
  23. Sunday Scripture
  24. Trust Yourself
  25. Prudent
  26. Wednesday Wisdom
  27. Anxiety
  28. No Separation
  29. Saturday Song – I will Trust in You
  30. Sunday Scripture – Zacchaeus
  31. The End!