that you can use to help you and those you love on life’s journey of faith. I’ll share my story and knowledge in hope that it helps you become the person God is calling you to be. We’ll learn, we’ll grow, we’ll laugh as we set the world on fire!
My favorite saints are Ignatius of Loyola and Catherine of Siena.  I love Ignatius’ way of seeing God in all and his practicality.  Catherine, well she was bossy and outspoken and told people exactly what she thought, besides being deeply committed to Christ especially in the Eucharist.
I work as the director of faith formation in one parish and worship in another. It is sometimes difficult to work/worship/minister in two parishes, but after doing it all in the same
parish I think this way is better for my spiritual life.

I am married to my first love and we have two children; in 2015 my husband was ordained a permanent deacon.

I contribute to Catholic Mom and Amazing Catechists  and serve as editor of the New Evangelizers blog. You can also find me on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Goodreads.
I have been published in Catechist Magazine and contributed to The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion.
Enough about me, what about you?  Leave a note in the comment box so we can get to know each other.
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  1. I saw on CatholicMom.com you wrote a piece back in July 2014 called Salvation ” History Can Be Fun (No, Really!)” and how you created your own powerpoint on God’s Plan of Salvation for teens. Would you be willing to share it?

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