Saturday Song – All Good Gifts

Almost thirty-four years ago we sang this song at our wedding. It was one of my husband’s favorites and so we included it in our ceremony. On our 20th anniversary, we had a big celebration and our daughter played it on the flute for us. It holds many fond memories for us.

And it makes so much sense, “All good gifts around us; Are sent from Heaven above; Then thank the Lord, thank the Lord for all his love” to remember that everything we have has been given to us by God and that being thankful, being grateful, is the appropriate response.

Do we thank God for the world he has given us? And more importantly, do we take care of it? Do we use natural resources wisely? Do we waste food? Do we throw things away rather than looking if they can be repaired or recycled or given away?

Ponder & Pray: Am I doing my best in caring for the natural world? Spend some time outside today, in some green space or the beach. Thank God for the gifts he has given us in the world.

Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini is a Catholic wife, mother and educator. It seems no matter where life leads her, she is always teaching someone about something, especially about faith, the Church and how it all fits into our daily lives. Meeting people on their faith journey and walking with them is her greatest joy and most rewarding endeavor.

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