A good question!

I think the topic this month is an interesting one and I’m looking forward to reading the other bloggers responses to this query, “why do I blog?” I’ve been blogging since February 2007 so just about ten years. It all started after weeks of insomnia and reading other blogs. My first two blogs that I read were Happy Catholic and A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars. I was fascinated by this idea of putting my thoughts out for world, well, whoever wanted to read them in the world would be more accurate. Back in the day, I ranted quite a bit, gave my opinion, wrote book reviews, gave my opinion, talked about Catholic stuff, and gave my opinion. I really had no plan in mind as to what I was doing or why I was doing it. I just liked writing (and venting). Plus, it was something to do when I couldn’t sleep. When I started I actually wrote a short post about why back then, if you are interested.

So why do I blog now? I blog to share the faith. To help make the Catholic faith accessible and understandable to those who stop here and visit. In writing reflections about my spiritual life, trials, the saints, prayer, and what we believe. I hope to teach others, to challenge people to think, and most importantly, to grow in their faith.

My goal: to help Catholics learn about their faith so they can be an Every Day Catholic every day. That’s it, that’s why I blog.

So, if you have any questions I’d love to hear from you. Let me know if there is something you’d like to learn more about. And leave comments so we can engage in conversation with each other. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has something to say!  We can chat here or on my Facebook page, Every Day Catholic.


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Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini is a Catholic wife, mother and educator. It seems no matter where life leads her, she is always teaching someone about something, especially about faith, the Church and how it all fits into our daily lives. Meeting people on their faith journey and walking with them is her greatest joy and most rewarding endeavor.

10 thoughts to “A good question!”

  1. Hi Deanna! I found you through the CWBN link up, and it’s nice to meet you. I love the idea of making the faith part of every day. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love it! I am so glad you shared this – “To help Catholics learn about their faith so they can be an Every Day Catholic every day.” That is such a profound goal.

    Thank you for sharing your reason for blogging, and continuing to blog!

  3. Great reason!!! Although as I keep jumping around at the other links on the hop, I’m feeling kinda lame about *my* reason. You ladies all seem so inspiring – I just want to help my brain remember these precious memories as a mom and have them easy to get to and look back upon. Maybe that’s why I have such a small readership – lol!!! Anyways, I am always inspired by bloggers like you who can put to words so beautifully living as a Catholic daily. Keep it up, my friend!!! What a blessing your writing is!!!

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