I’ve known my pastor for eleven years and he has had a few homilies I have remembered. One in particular stands out, JOY. He has used it on the third Sunday of Advent but I suggested he use it for Christmas since it’s been a while. It’s quite simple and I’ll summarize it. Basically, if you use the word JOY as an acronym for how to live your life, you will have everything in the proper order. J=Jesus, He should be first in your life; O=Others, others are next, and then Y=You, you come after Jesus and others. If you put you first, it would spell YOJ which is not a word at all. So, there you have it, JOY!

Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini is a Catholic wife, mother and educator. It seems no matter where life leads her, she is always teaching someone about something, especially about faith, the Church and how it all fits into our daily lives. Meeting people on their faith journey and walking with them is her greatest joy and most rewarding endeavor.

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