The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

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I have been a contributor to the Catholic Mom website for a few years.  One of the features on the site that I contribute to is a daily Gospel reflection.  Some time ago I was asked to be a part of a team of contributors for a book, The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, published by Ave Maria Press.  And now, the book is here!  In my house and more importantly, on sale now.  It was nice to see my name in print, along with quite a few authors who are well-known in the Catholic blogging and publishing world. The book features a quote, a reflection, a prayer and a question to ponder for every day and vary in topic from Prayer, Mary, and Family Traditions to Discerning God’s plan for your life.  My parents and aunt and uncleRead more …

Discernment of Spirits

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31 Days celebrating St. Ignatius Loyola

St. Ignatius gave us tools to use in our daily life to help us discern where we are being led and by whom. He guides us in learning if we are led by good or evil spirits.  Knowing which spirit you are led by is of great help in making decisions in your life, large and small.  A great series to help you learn about St. Ignatius’ 14 Rules of Discernment  is one by Fr. Timothy Gallagher.  You can listen to his podcasts here.  He also has a DVD series and books on the topic.   And for those praying, here is day 6 of the Novena.

Desk Accessories

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I try not to have clutter on my desk. The operative word is try.   However a few items for inspiration and fun are necessary.  I have a friend who is both inspirational and fun sitting right next to my computer, head bobbling away in complete agreement with every word I type, every graphic I create and every purchase I make.  Yes, my friend “Iggy”. Here are the Novena Prayers, Day 5. 

Collection of Books

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I gathered all my books about Ignatius, the Spiritual Exercises, and the Jesuits.  Well, I don;t think this stack is actually all of my Ignatian books because I have some devotionals as well and maybe one or two on my tablet. This stack numbers 15.  I’ve read all but three but I’ve read a few more than once.  Actually read is not the best word for the Spiritual Exercises because really you pray through the books.  You pray and meditate and ponder and learn and grow.  There is no use in trying to skim or rush through them. They are all great books.  My favorite though is my first one, A Spiritual Retreat with St. Ignatius by Manuel Ruiz Jurado, S.J..  If you want to learn how to sit still in prayer, go through Contemplative RetreatRead more …

Ignatius, Patron Saint of?

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St. Ignatius Loyola

It seems silly really, to have so much admiration for a saint, to have read more than one book about him, and then to realize I did not know what he is the patron saint of?  Not a clue.  Should I be telling you this?  I am losing my credibility here?  Hey, I can’t know everything. I looked it up; here is the list:  Dioceses of San Sebastion and Bilbao, Biscay & Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Military Ordinariate of the Philippines, Society of Jesus, soldiers, Educators and Education (BIO from Catholic Online).  I read it and until I got to Educators and Education I was a bit distraught.  I don’t live in any of those dioceses; FYI, I looked them up to be sure, they are in Spain.  I have nothing to do with the militaryRead more …

St. Ignatius Novena

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St. Ignatius feast day is July 31.  I pray a novena asking for his intercession each year.  I use one from the Discerning Hearts website, you can read or listen to it, here is the link to the whole novena.  I will also post each days’ prayers. If you start it on July 23 you will end on July 31 or you can start today and end July 30.  I’m never sure if you should end the novena on the feast day or the day before.   I’m of the mind that praying is the important thing, so do what you will.  I’m starting tomorrow.