Saturday Song

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Enjoy this song with your morning coffee or tea.  He is our strength, our hope.  Praise him, no matter how you feel right now.  Thank and praise him for all the good in your life.  Feeling like you have nothing to say –  start with you woke up, you have internet, you can see, hear, read, you are important, you bring joy to others, God loves you, Jesus died for you, the Spirit lives within you.  Praise God.  Praying that you all have a wonderful, blessed day!

Trust God

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Today is a twofer or BOGO post.  The idea for this graphic and the words came to me in the middle of the night.  I was awake, no real reason to be so I let my mind wander and found some words.  Then I prayed and finally fell back asleep.  If you happen to see me today, I know I look tired. I’ve had a week.  Well, we’ve all probably had a week so I’ll forbear telling you my life annoyances since really, they were just that, annoyances.  I’ve also had some very good things happen this week but lack of sleep makes it easier to forget those.  There must be some psychological reason for that or am I the only one that has this problem? Of course, throughout the week I kept after God… Why? What?Read more …

Wednesday Wisdom


And yes, it is Catherine of Siena again.  What can I say, she is one of my favorite saints. “There is nothing we can desire or want that we do not find in God.” He fills all of our needs, wants, and desires.  God put those in us and he wants us to seek him to find fulfillment.  Expecting anyone else but him to fill us leads to disappointment.  St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.”  The group Plumb had a great song called God Shaped Hole.  Again and again pointing out that trusting in God leads to peace and contentment while trying to fill ourselves with the things of the world leads to fear, confusion, and discontent. As I have been praying, thinking, and writing this series on TRUST I am learningRead more …

God Cares for Us

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In Romans 8:31 we read, “If God is for us, who can be against us.” Paul is exhorting believers to BELIEVE, to TRUST, to OVERCOME. We can believe that God is there for us, always. We can trust in God, fully confident in his love and mercy. We can overcome our life’s trials and difficulties with him at our side. Many years ago, we were in the process of buying a new house. While we were getting approved to buy the new house and selling the house we were living in my husband lost his job. And then, weeks later, I lost my job. I cannot tell you how but we were still able to buy the house. I am amazed to this day when I think about it. It makes no sense yet itRead more …

Mercy & Confession

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It is the truth of humanity that we often fall short of being our best, of doing our best, and of thinking our best. That falling short has a word, sin. It seems though that many people don’t like to talk about sin or admit they have sinned. Which is a shame because it is in the admitting that we are able to receive God’s mercy. As a Catholic, I am a big believer in the sacrament of confession. It is our opportunity to have our burdens taken from us and replaced with love and mercy. We get to start over, hoping that the next time that one sin will not return with us. Yes, the next time. No matter how hard we try there’s a next time to go to confession. Why? Because weRead more …

God’s Time

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A few years ago this poem was given to me while on retreat. I need to read it and sit with it more often. I am impatient at times. Not so much with others, but with myself. Okay, sometimes with others, but only if things aren’t moving as quickly as I’d like. Trusting in the slow work of God is hard. Mostly because we are in a hurry to get to the end, to the very important thing we must do. Sometimes though a plan is necessary, waiting is needed, life takes time and if we rush it along, there can be negative consequences. Think of baking a cake; if it says to bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees but you are in a hurry and turn the oven up to 500 to bakeRead more …

The word trust

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I like words. When I get furniture to put together or new technology or try a new recipe, I like words to be present in the instructions. Have you ever seen instructions without words, just pictures with arrows and other stuff guiding you? Does not work for me. Do not like it at all. Words, give me some words. Of course, a visual aid can be helpful, but not as the sole set of instructions. What does the word trust mean? “A firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.” Who do you trust? What things do you place your trust in? Has someone ever broken your trust? Have you ever caused a person to stop trusting you? When we think about trust we see how easy it is toRead more …